Age Strong is an impact investing initiative of AARP Foundation, Capital Impact Partners and Calvert Foundation.

Through impact investing, we aim to channel $70 million to organizations that provide critical services for people 50 and over.


What is impact investing? 

Impact investing is investing in companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

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Our approach

Donations and public funding are important sources of capital for aging-focused organizations, but it simply isn’t enough. Using impact investing, Age Strong brings a new source of funding to address the needs of vulnerable people 50 and over in the U.S. Through Age Strong, individuals and institutions can make investments that support loans to nonprofits and community development institutions working with aging communities.

Together, AARP, AARP Foundation, Capital Impact Partners and Calvert Foundation have a proven track record of working with and investing in these types of organizations.

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Meet the Partners Behind Age Strong

Each of the partners brings a different set of strengths to address the challenges of aging strong.

AARP Foundation

Americans age 50 and older face choices and pressures unlike those of any other age group – choices few could have prepared for. As the charitable affiliate of AARP, AARP Foundation is working with struggling people 50 and over so they can regain their confidence as good providers and members of their communities. We focus on four priorities where immediate action and legal advocacy will have the greatest impact: hunger, income, housing and isolation.


Capital Impact Partners

Capital Impact Partners transforms underserved communities into strong, vibrant places of opportunity. A nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution, we have a 30-year history delivering strategic financing, social innovation programs and capacity building that create social change and deliver financial impact nationwide.


Calvert Foundation

Calvert Foundation enables people to invest for social good. Through the Community Investment Note, we connect individual investors with organizations working around the globe, developing affordable housing, creating jobs, protecting the environment, and working in numerous other ways for the social good. Learn more about the issue areas our investors are addressing.


In the News

January 6, 2016

How You Can Start Impact Investing in 2016: A new AARP program lets you earn money helping older, low-income people

One of my favorite examples: AARP’s new Age Strong program, which lets you buy bonds that are used specifically to improve the lives of older, low-income people, providing them with everything from healthy meals to affordable, accessible housing to job training … With Age Strong, you can invest as little as $20 online (through Calvert Foundation’s Vested.org) or $1,000 and up by check or through a broker to buy fixed-income notes (think short-term corporate bonds) paying from 0.50 percent for a one-year note to 3 percent for a 10-year note.


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December 29, 2015

A Different Spin on a Market-Based Approach: Even foundations that don’t have an impact investment program can catalyze market-based social innovations by getting creative with how they structure their grants

This is just one example of how funders are successfully using creative grant structures to leverage investments and support market development. Another example is the AARP Foundation, which made a significant grant as well as a debt investment to launch AgeStrong, the country’s first impact investing fund targeting organizations and innovations that support Americans aged 50-plus.


November 16, 2015

Taking the Initiative: An Innovative Partnership Program Invests in Age-Friendly Communities—and Makes Them Stronger

You can go online and invest as little as $20, and become a part of Age Strong. The Community Investment Note, and this targeted Age Strong offering, is a fixed-income investment. You select your term; we offer one-, three-, five-, seven- and 10-year terms, with an interest of one-half a percent through to 3 percent, depending on the tenure that you choose. And it’s part of your investment portfolio.


October 8, 2015

AARP Foundation Launches Impact-Investing Program

Using the grant maker’s support as a launching pad, the Calvert Foundation plans to raise up to $60 million from private investors seeking both a financial return and social benefits for the country’s aging population. Capital Impact Partners, a nonprofit community-development group, will identify projects designed to help people over 50 secure housing, access to healthy food, and an improved financial situation and to remedy problems associated with isolation..