Here’s My Story

Jeanette and her dad

My name is Jeanette Whitten.  Senior care and quality of life for people with disabilities and reduced mobility is something I’m passionate about.

It’s not the most common passion you would hear for a mother and wife in her 40s, but mine comes with a story.

Since I was a little girl, my father (Ken) has encouraged me to be physically active and live a healthy lifestyle with a strong body.  He was an amazing sports and fitness role model, and great at coaching me and others in skiing, handball and  weightlifting.

Unfortunately my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was 65.  Now, his Parkinson’s plus arthritis and sports injuries limit his mobility, balance, and dexterity.   Walking straight,  putting on a coat, or even his own socks, and cutting food, are a real challenge for my dad. 

I have been watching, and helping my dad with his struggles, so he can continue to get out and enjoy life.  I found a nearby house with disability improvements, like wheelchair ramps, bathroom grab bars, and wider doorways for his walker.  Now he doesn’t have to go down any stairs and we can be there quickly if he falls.   

At age 79, my dad has reduced his Parkinson’s symptoms through exercise, physical fitness, healthy plant-based eating, and taking advantage of senior life hacks to make his life a little bit easier on the day-to-day.

His struggles have taught me what many seniors are going through. 

I began Age Strong Invest because of him, and for getting other seniors off their feet and back into the throes of the world, with nothing but confidence guiding their every move.

Senior citizens, and people with disabilities, should have every opportunity to take control of their lives.

Whether it’s working smarter, not harder, or understanding how to plan low-risk exercises for seniors long-term physical fitness, I hope to help others by sharing a  bit of it all on this site.

Thanks for visiting,  Jeanette