10 Fun Activities To Do After Retirement

10 Fun Activities To Do After Retirement

Retirement is often considered a sad and slow phase of life.

Retirees mostly get depressed and isolate themselves from the world around them. According to a study conducted in the UK, 23% people suffer from depression and anxiety after retirement.

It?s true that work plays an indispensable role in keeping us fit, mentally and physically. As much as we complain about the Monday blues and work woes, we still can?t deny the positive impact going to work has on our lives.

However, life post-retirement can also be colorful if people start indulging in activities instead of feeling lonely and left out.

Here are 10 retirement activities people can do to stay healthy and happy after bidding that 9-5 life farewell:

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the fun activities after retirement, we got you covered:

Activities After Retirement

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1. Try Exciting New Things

Try Exciting New Things

Working people often deny themselves the excitement of trying a new activity, citing work as their only priority. Retirement allows you to try all those thrilling things that you couldn?t when you were a 9-5 person.

Make a bucket list of fun things, like participating in the bull race in Spain, or paragliding or any other exhilarating activity that your health allows you to do.

And try each and every activity on your list. After all you only live once. Enjoy your life while you can.

2. Travel


Yes, you may have traveled to different cities before for work. But that wasn?t about you, it was about work.

This time, plan multiple trips just for yourself and take your partner along if you wish to. And see the world without a single worry about files, proposals, or accounts.

Take extended vacations, and if your circumstances allow it, try living in a foreign country for a while. Explore all the diverse cultures around the world and find a new thing every day.

If taking long vacations seems a bit too much for you, then you can always just plan short trips that you can easily fit into your schedule.

3. Teach or Mentor

Teach Or Mentor

Nothing ignites the heart like interacting with ambitious young individuals.

You have a lot to offer, from study tips to working wisdom. Spread it around and teach young people who want to learn

And if the thought of being around adolescents is too much for you, you can also opt to teach little kids.

Teach them about the world, about life, and about the wisdom you have gained over the years. They are full of questions and queries, you can answer those.

This doesn?t have to be formal; you can also spend time with your grandchildren and give them the time and attention you couldn?t give your own kids while balancing the house and work.

4. Stay Fit

Stay Fit

This is the most important thing to remember post-retirement. Once people stop working, their physical fitness starts going down.

Without a routine, people get lazy and that affects their physical health. They start gaining weight, which can lead to a bunch of medical conditions.

To avoid developing medical conditions, you must exercise regularly and eat clean as much as possible. Join a gym if possible.

You don?t have to get buff and start doing rigorous cardio circuits, just some basic exercises would suffice and keep you fit.

5. Start Baking or Cooking

Start Baking Or Cooking

Feeding your loved ones is the easiest recipe for gaining effortless happiness. You don?t even need to make something fancy like a croquembouche or a beef bourguignon.

Some good old mac and cheese or apple pie would be enough to keep you occupied and make your family happy at the end of the day.

You can even make it a hobby and properly learn it if you wish to. Take classes at the nearest culinary institute near you and nurture the inner chef in you.

6.  Read, Read, and Read!

Read, Read, And Read!

Free time means you can devour as many books as you like. Even if you have never been an avid reader before in your life, you can start now.

Pick a book and start reading. Don?t force yourself to finish it in a day. Take your time, and let the passion for reading come to you at its own pace.

If you don?t know where to start then here?s how you can start.

  • Pick out the genre that interests you the most
  • Once that?s sorted, look up books on that genre
  • Chances are that you?ll come across a plethora of options
  • Read the reviews
  • And choose the most recommended option by readers

7.  start with short stories, essays, or non-fiction.

Start With Short Stories, Essays, Or Non-Fiction.

You can also visit the nearest library for access to more books, as well as an opportunity to get out of the house. Get Artsy!

Art is one of the best ways to elevate the mood. Experts even conduct proper art therapy sessions to help people going through various mental health conditions.

But it?s not restricted to just depressed people. It?s a great way of expressing yourself. Get creative and throw together some paints on a black canvas.

Even if you are not Picasso, you can still have fun with paints and colors. You don?t even have to paint or draw a well-defined piece, it could be abstract.

Blend your favorite colors and make a tornado out of those if you want to. But indulge in art, as it will not only keep you occupied but will also help you express yourself.

8.  Start Gardening

start gardening

If you feel lonely in this fast-paced world, then you should get close to Mother Nature. Get your hands dirty in the mud and grow some beautiful plants to bond with.

They don?t have to be some exotic shrubs, you can grow regular, ordinary plants but love them and nourish them like they are your most precious possessions.

You can talk to your plants and confide in them. We know it must be sounding completely ridiculous but trust us when we tell you that it helps.

You will feel like you have formed a unique companionship with nature.

If you haven?t got much of a green thumb, you can always buy some potted succulents or cacti and use those low maintenance plants as a starting point.

9.  Write a Book

Write A Book

Your life must have some super interesting incidents that many could stand to learn a lot from.

Think about writing a memoir. And if you are not comfortable sharing your life with others, you can try your hand at fiction. Writing self-help books is also a great option.

You have lived a hefty chunk of life and you must have an abundance of sage advice that would help young people in theirs. You can write such books for people to learn from.

There is a wide range of topics to explore when it comes to writing. If you don?t like the idea of writing fiction or self-help tips then you can consider writing spiritual books if it?s something that interests you.

And you don?t even have to write a complete book. You can write essays and compile them together.

10. Start a New Hobby

Start A New Hobby

There are a lot of new things that you can try out when you have free time on your hands.

Pick up an old camera and start taking pictures of the most random stuff. Or you can get into fishing. Fishing could be a great way of staying busy without surrounding yourself with a lot of people. Some people like to do things alone.

If you are the kind of lone wolf who likes to do things without having too many companions around then you can start fishing.

There are also a bunch of other hobbies that you can try your hand at. Just make sure to try something.

One piece of advice that we have for you is that no matter what happens, or how you feel, don?t isolate yourself after retirement.

Post-retirement, people start staying quiet in gatherings because they feel like they don?t fit in. Don?t be hard on yourself.

Remind yourself that you have earned this work-free life. You have worked for a good 50-60 years without giving yourself a break.

Spend time with your family as much as you can. Bond with your grandchildren, if you have any. Make new friends if possible.

If you have retired or are close to retiring then there must be other people like you too. Find groups, and if you can?t find one make one, which would be only for retirees.

Make a world of your own. Don?t get deterred because other people are working and you are not. You have worked your share in the corporate realm. Now it?s your time to relax and start your life again.

Be kind to yourself and sprinkle some self-love on yourself. We often times tend to neglect the importance of being gentle to ourselves.

And that trend is more common among retirees. Don?t fall into the trap of self-loathing or self-pity.

Always remember: You have earned this time! Enjoy it as much as you can.

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